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-Shel Silverstein

Monday, May 10, 2010

Robin Hood Bow and Arrow Bag

My son loves Robin Hood (I think there is a new one set to come out this year maybe?!) and he is constantly using a hanger as a bow and arrow, so when my parents saw a bow and arrow at Dollar General they picked it up (it was only 2 bucks!).
Clearly the boy needed a bag for his bow and arrows (Robin Hood style, of course!) So I got to work. I just used brown felt, since it's much easier without having to finish the edges.

I started by tracing a bowl for the bottom of the bag. Then I measured the length that I wanted the bag by using the arrows as a guide. I wanted them to poke out the top a little, and I wanted there to be a little extra to turn down at the top. I used a long piece of felt folded in half and sewed around all 4 sides as the strap.

If anyone would like a photo by photo tutorial I could put something together. I didn't take any photos this time, but it literally took about 10 minutes, so no biggie.

I used a piece of boning to keep the top open so the arrows would easily go in. He's tickled pink, and I'm glad that I was finally able to sew him something!

Don't forget to go here to sign up for the camera strap giveaway! I'll be choosing a winner Friday!

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  2. This is ADORABLE!! I'm adding this to my "To Do List" for sure!!

  3. What a fantastic project. Thanks for linking up to Hoo's got talent!

  4. So fun! I'm sure he loves it.

    Thanks for linking with What are little boys made of?

  5. What little boy wouldn't love that!! Thanks so much linking up!!

  6. Did you ever do a step by step photos of this? I was going to try to make a few of these today bc my son's birthday is tomorrow. We are making the PVC pipe bow and arrow and wanted to do this too. You don't need to go take any pictures now, just wondered if you had anyone else that requested them and had them in a file somewhere! Thanks!!

    Dlguyer at msn dot com